Morning report

abc* ABC News courts newspaper reporters as the network tries to strengthen its political coverage. (
* Variety drops its daily print edition and paywall. ( | (
* Conference attendees agree that j-schools need to rip up the curriculum every year. (
* Deadspin’s Tommy Craggs answers more questions about the Manti Te’o story. (
* NYT’s Nick Kristof is receiving the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism. (
* NBC, ABC, Fox News and others fall for fake pig-rescues-goat video. (
* “I think journalism schools should have workshops for young female reporters on managing old men who have no game.” (
carrie* What Carrie Brownstein (right) of “Portlandia” reads: NYT, Slate, Salon, The Atlantic, and Boing Boing. (
* Caren Bohan leaves National Journal and returns to Reuters, where she worked for decades. (
* What the…?! NBCUniversal is looking for a freelancer (no benefits, of course) willing to work 65 hours a week. (
* The February 18 issue of Human Events that’s currently on the stands will be its last. (
* Ex-maitre d’ Abbe Diaz: “I personally have been the victim of blatant breaches of journalistic ethics several times.” (
* Gannett declares a 20 cents/share dividend. (
* FYI: A Breitbart Training seminar will be held Friday at a suburban Milwaukee Holiday Inn Express. (