Bad things that reporters do

Last August, former Rocky Mountain News staffer Gil Rudawsky wrote about his appreciation for PR work, which he’s now doing, and how he’s become a “true believer in how we can help our clients manage issues and get their sides of the story fairly told.”

Today he’s back in PR Daily with his list of bad things that journalists do. He writes:

Numerous reporters have told me point blank that they did not care about my client’s point of view or response because they felt they had a better story without it.

-- Image from Don Asmussen's cartoon

— Image from Don Asmussen’s cartoon

I heard a reporter claim that he was granted permission to talk to a victim because he had spoken to the person’s family. Turns out, the family told him to get lost and then hung up on him.

I’ve seen reporters use obviously planted information about my clients, without questioning or caring about how they were being used.

I’ve seen reporters rely on outdated reporting by other news outlets and repurpose it as new reporting without checking the accuracy or whether there had been updates.

Numerous reporters have called me 30 minutes before deadline asking for comment on a story they had been working on for weeks.

Thoughts from journalists and PR folks?

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