Morning report

* Bob Woodward’s ridiculous war with the White House. ( | Read Gene Sperling’s email to Woodward: ( | From legend to laughingstock. (
* Not many ad pages in the redesigned New Republic. ( | Only 5 full ad pages in the March 11 issue. (
* The Santa Barbara news anchor who went missing is back home, but her family isn’t explaining what happened. (

-- Typo of the day

— Typo of the day

* How The National failed in its attempt to become the New York Times of the Middle East. (
* That’s a Rosa Parks statue, not saute, of course. (h/t Jon Whiten)
* Where did Friendster go wrong? Design changes and technical problems are cited in a digital autopsy. (
* Hospital files lawsuit to block Anniston Star’s open records request. (
* A former Seattle Times staffer sees the paper’s road to a digital tollbooth littered with potholes. (
* Leigh Montville is writing sports columns again for the first time since leaving the Boston Globe in 1989. (
* Blogger Perez Hilton is a father (
* Former Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko gets a consulting gig with Men’s Fitness. (
* Star of CBS hit show tweets about DISH’s Hopper; Les Moonves & Co. aren’t happy. (
* New York Times launches on Flipboard for Android and Kindle Fire. (