Rutgers humor paper apologizes for ‘cruel’ story about ‘ugly sorority bitches’

A Romenesko reader writes: “The Medium, a long-running comedy paper at Rutgers University, retracted and apologized for a story they wrote mocking girls in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. This is interesting because, just like the Onion, the Medium writes hard-edged satire and almost never pulls back from their offensive content. Someone posted a copy of the story on Reddit, since the Medium pulled their version from the PDF they post to their website and replaced it with the apology on page 2.”


Apology excerpt:

We would like to apologize for an article that was published in this week’s paper regarding Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Since our paper is satirical in nature and no stranger to controversy, it is rare that we apologize for our content. However, it is the feeling of this editorial board that the article in question merits an apology. It was written in a cruel, debasing manner that does not reflect the values or goals of our organization. Our aim is to create humorous content which will entertain the University community; the article that ran this week was cruel and relied on cheap jokes in lieu of humor. By publishing the article, we made a poor judgment to experiment with a style of humor that had entertained our audience years ago.

* Read The Medium editors’ full apology (
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* “The Medium totally punked out under the slightest pressure of intimidation. Frankly, we’re disappointed.” (