Morning report

exclusive* Bob Woodward’s the new hero of the right. ( | ( || New York Post’s Woodward cartoon. (
* Joel Achenbach has a problem with Gawker’s piece on Woodward. (
* Michael Hastings defends Woodward. (
* “Sorry, ‘Today,’ but Woodward’s umpteenth stop on his media tour is not an ‘exclusive.'” (@DylanByers)
* Chicago Sun-Times sports reporter Mark Lazerus brings good luck to teams. (
* Jack Shafer says New York Times has two alternatives: Continue to downsize or sell to a billionaire like Mike Bloomberg. (
* U.S. Supreme Court should rethink its ban on cameras, says Rem Rieder. (
* News organizations don’t focus enough on what’s coming next. (
* Brad Smith leaves the New York Times to become Sports Illustrated director of photography. (
* Hidden LA sues Los Angeles Magazine over name. (
* Lucy Morgan: “Today is my last day at work for the Tampa Bay Times – 48 years of reporting Florida news.” (
* Safeway is working hard to shift from mass print advertising to targeted digital marketing. (
* Jeff Bercovici: It’s a little jarring to see BuzzFeed partner links on Fark. (
* How *do* you get someone at the New York Times to listen to your news tip? (
* Don’t worry; we can handle it: “Some pay-TV executives say that full ‘a la carte’ could be overwhelming for viewers.” (