Daily Archives: March 2, 2013

* Thousands of copies of Tulane’s student newspaper are trashed. They had a page one story about a frat-house drug bust. ( | ( | The drug bust story: (

-- Tulane papers trashed.

— Tulane papers trashed.

* New York Times announces (late Friday afternoon) that it’s shuttering its Green blog. ( | “This is terrible news, to say the least.” (
* Union claims the Journal Register is exploiting the system to get unfair concessions from workers. | Unions at JRC papers in Michigan consider a strike. (
* Longtime CBS News staffer Byron Pitts is expected to jump to ABC. (
* Bleacher Report co-founder Bryan Goldberg responds to critic Will Leitch. (
* “Amazing” photos of Rupert Murdoch are now on Tumblr. (
* The FCC should let Murdoch — and anyone else with broadcast holdings — buy newspaper companies. (
* When advertising becomes content, who wins? (
* Nevada Mining Association pulls its TV ads over investigative reports; station owner calls it “blackmail.” (
* No more Saturday edition of the Enquirer Journal in Monroe, N.C. (