Morning report for March 4, 2013

60* A Romenesko reader wonders if “60 Minutes” has a deal with The North Face. (He notices correspondents wearing the coats.) A show spokesman says no.

A comment posted on my Facebook wall:

That caught my eye last night too and I thought the same thing about having seen it before. But it sure beats the trend in local TV where they make their reporters wear the cheapest looking brightly colored coats with the station logo embroidered on it.

For all the emphasis locals put on wardrobe, makeup and hair, I’d much rather see the tele-twinkies donning North Face than overstuffed one-size Cutter & Buck.

* “I’ve noticed on multiple episodes of ’60 Minutes’ that…” (Romenesko Letters)

* PBS considers Saturday and Sunday “NewsHour” broadcasts from New York. (
* In his farewell column, WaPo’s ombudsman says readers’ biggest complaint is the paper’s comment system. (
* NPR ombud: It appears WaPo has eliminated its ombud position for a customer relations person. (
* Politico reporter’s tweet: “Asked if he’d buy LA Times or Chicago Tribune, Warren Buffett says ‘no thanks.'” (@jakesherman)
* “Antiquated and counterproductive” IRS rules are hurting nonprofit news outlets. (
* Who has happier employees — Time Inc. or Meredith? (
* Ann Romney: “I’m happy to blame the media” for Mitt’s loss. (
* New York governor’s aides closely monitor media inquires. “Daily reports include information about who called and what they were told.” (
* Oakland TV stations are losing their cameras to thugs. (
* In search of “the perfect intern” who will work for no pay. (
* Harvard picks Oprah to deliver its commencement address. (