Morning report for March 5, 2013

* Report: Tribune wants to sell all of its papers in one deal. (
* The Atlantic to freelancer: How about writing “1,200 words? We unfortunately can’t pay you for it, but we do reach 13 million readers a month.” (
* Does anyone care about newspaper ombudsmen? asks Jack Shafer. (

Caught in the act! (Photo: Sam Fishman)

Caught in the act! (Photo: Sam Fishman)

* Two Kappa Sigma pledges admit to stealing newspapers after a Tulane student journalist photographs them in the act. (
* Brian Williams: “I have profound disappointments in my country. I feel we ought to be in space. I feel the dismantling of the manned space program.” (
* parent buys “We think this might be the first time a mainstream media company has purchased a gay-oriented website,” say Outsports editors. (
* Anyone surprised? “The Twitter conversation about Romney was substantially more negative than the conversation about Obama.” (
* What Steve Brill tells journalism students: “The best stories come from what you’re most curious about.” (
* The Kernel folds after 14 months. “It was a bold experiment,” says the founder. “But it didn’t work.” (
* Gawker Media loses the longtime employee who kept writers out of legal trouble. “I want to do some other projects,” says Gaby Darbyshire. (
* Topping the CRMA finalists list with double-digit nominations are Atlanta Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine and Texas Monthly. (
* “One of those quasi-homeless laptop jockeys” — that would be me — talks to Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco about Starbucks. (
* “Everyone thought I was nuts,” says man who recently opened a video store. (
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