NCR editor: Speculation about pope being gay ‘does no one any good’

Dennis Coday

Dennis Coday

After Andrew Sullivan stirred things up last week by suggesting that the pope is gay, I sent National Catholic Reporter editor Dennis Coday an email asking his reaction. “Has NCR ever touched on this? I’m curious what your thoughts are on Sullivan’s piece,” I wrote.

Coday responded this morning:

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I am in Rome and battling deadlines. My fast answer is that I think such speculation is nonsense and does no one any good. For a more thoughtful response, I quote Francis DeBernardo, executive director of the Catholic group New Ways Ministry. Frank writes about this on his blog.

DeBernardo says the possibility that the pope is gay “is certainly a viable one,” but “speculating that all male-male relationships are potentially homosexual creates a climate of suspicion, which is, in fact, homophobic. .. It is Benedict’s policies, not his orientation (however repressed it may be), which make him a harmful influence to pro-LGBT initiatives.” He has more to say on the matter here.

* Cardinal Mahony talks to Italian newspaper after refusing to speak with Los Angeles Times reporters (