Matt Drudge was ‘a control freak,’ says photographer

(Credit: Michael Grecco)

(Credit: Michael Grecco)

Matt Drudge must have been going through his scrapbook over the weekend. He tweeted a 15-year-old photo of himself and asked: “How did I EVER get talked into that? …Ahh,, [sic] Hollywood and Ego.”

The answer is, Matt, it wasn’t easy — or that’s what the photographer tells me.

“He was a control freak,” Michael Grecco says of Drudge. “It took a tremendous amount of negotiating” to get him to pose with his pants down during the all-day shoot for People magazine at Los Angeles’s Lacy Street studio in 1998. (“That was around the time he caught Clinton with his pants down and we wanted to play off of that, but he was very reticent.”)

Grecco adds: “It would be him, Kanye West, Oliver Stone and Val Kilmer — people who I’ve photographed who are control freaks.”

The photographer laughed when I asked if he reads the Drudge Report. “No. I’m a confirmed liberal.”

Drudge didn’t respond to my email about the shoot and why he posted the old photo.

* “How did I EVER get talked into that?” (@drudge)