Sen. Joe Manchin: ‘No gun talk’ rule during Q&A was a misunderstanding

Sen. Joe Manchin now claims the Martinsburg (WV) Journal was never told it couldn’t ask questions about gun legislation during an interview last week. “Our people made a mistake in the way we explained it,” he says.

Zack Harold of the Charleston Daily Mail writes:

Manchin said his communications staff likely told Journal staffers they should avoid asking questions about gun controlmanchin because there were no new developments on the matter. He said the paper misunderstood, believing it was not allowed to ask about guns.

“They should have said, ‘We’ll talk about, but we don’t have anything new to talk about on the gun thing,'” he said.

Journal editor Chris Kinsler says Manchin’s staff made it clear that guns couldn’t be brought up in the interview.

“From the conversation we had, I don’t think we interpreted it wrong.”

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