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How long will this ad (with his phone number) stay up? 5…4…3…2…1..

* Seeking a MAN editor for my book on Men and MensWork (

beerAnother classified ad: A newspaper looking for a reporter notes in its ad that “you’ll work in a relaxed atmosphere located half a block away from a bar.” (

UPDATE: The Asian American Journalists Association wants the paper to “publicly acknowledge its lapses in taste and judgment.”

What they’re saying on Facebook about this Caledonian-Record poster for the St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers vs. Rice Memorial High School game:

“Yikes. Gonna be a fun day at the paper today….”

“And everyone in the chain of production was OK with this?”

“WTF were they thinking”

“This is not ok…was this the cal rec’s doing….can’t imagine the Academy being OK with this…”

“I urge all St J Academy fans not to display this at the game tonight!”

“The Caledonian-Record: Amazing! If you cannot see the racist undertones — unintentional or not — perhaps you need to do a little reading, attend a diversity/cultural/racial sensitivity class, seminar or exhibit, or ask someone of Chinese descent.”

I’ve asked publisher Mark M. Smith for comment. The Caledonian-Record is published in St. Johnsbury, VT.

* Read more comments about the poster (
* “There’s a ton of Asian kids at the Academy. I wonder…” (
* Asian American Journalists Association protests the paper’s poster (

Washington Post copy editor Bill Walsh tried to advertise his book, “Yes, I Could Care Less: How to be a Language Snob Without Being a Jerk,” on LinkedIn, but his ad was rejected for “poor grammar.”

I received this note today from LinkedIn corporate communications manager Fenot Tekle:


We noticed your article regarding Bill Walsh’s attempt to use LinkedIn Ads to promote his book Yes, I Could Care Less: How to Be a Language Snob Without Being a Jerk.

I am writing to let you know that we made a mistake while processing this request and would be happy to work with Bill so that he can start advertising.

I’ve let Bill know.

* Dear LinkedIn: The “poor grammar” in the title was intentional (

A new AP Stylebook entry says journalists shouldn’t describe an individual as mentally ill “unless it is clearly pertinent to a story and the diagnosis is properly sourced.”
The Associated Press also advises:

Avoid descriptions that connote pity, such as afflicted with, suffers from or victim of. Rather, he has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Wherever possible, rely on people with mental illness to talk about their own diagnoses.

Avoid using mental health terms to describe non-health issues. Don’t say that an awards show, for example, was schizophrenic.

Use the term mental hospital, not asylum.

AP’s announcement is after the jump. Read More


“This post is hilarious,” a UT-San Diego reader writes below Thomas K. Arnold’s commentary on modern society. “I mean, this is a joke, right? Is this The Onion? Headline should read, ‘Old man yells at things, is afraid of barking dogs.’ Seriously though, this is satire right?”

No it isn’t.

(The Romenesko reader who sent the column summed it up this way: “People are on my lawn, and the cause is a lack of God and too many liberals.”)

* Moral fiber increasingly hanging by a thread (

In his USA Today column tomorrow, Al Neuharth writes about “good guy” Warren Buffett’s interest in newspapers and recalls….

buffettMy most memorable meeting with him was during an afternoon in my suite at the Park Lane hotel in New York in 1990. We both stayed at the Park Lane when we visited New York.

During that afternoon, he asked me to tell the then Gannett bosses that he’d like to talk with them about buying USA TODAY – and asked me to support his interest.

Our long afternoon ended with me telling him that I could not do that because I hoped Gannett would own and improve USA TODAY forever.

One of Slate Book Review editor Dan Kois‘s contributions to an excellent discussion about paying writers:


“Dan, your responses have killed my dreams,” writes Sara Morrison.

* How much should a writer be paid, if anything? (
* Want to get paid more? As for Sam Lipsyte’s rate (
* What publications are paying these days (

* Washington Post veteran Doug Feaver is named the paper’s first reader representative. (
* Helen Zell — Sam’s wife — gives $50 million to University of Michigan’s acclaimed graduate writing program. “Writers should be at their desk, not at Starbucks serving coffee,” she says. (AP via | The university’s release: (
* Al Gore is sued by John Terenzio over the Current TV sale to Al Jazeera. (
* Andrew Sullivan’s readers spend an average of 17 minutes a day on his site, and 80% check in twice a day. (
* The old Herald Tribune “punched The [New York] Times in the nose, which made The Times a better paper.” (

- Most powerful sports journalist

– Most powerful sports journalist

* The 10 most powerful people in sports media, according to Richard Deitsch. (Bill Simmons is #1.) (
* Bobby Knight is “a surprisingly good editor,” says biographer Bob Hammel. “He catches me on some things and it’s embarrassing.” (
* Fast-growing Upworthy is BuzzFeed-like, except it focuses on political and social issues. (
* Time Inc. Laura Lang will depart once Time Warner’s magazine division spinoff is complete. (
* VF excerpt: Richard Engel’s kidnapping diary. (
* Chicago Sun-Times swaps out its Food section for a more advertiser-friendly TASTE. (
* Sanjay Gupta is joining (
* Letters: Roger Friedman is steamed about not getting credit for his Sarah Jessica Parker scoop. (Romenesko Letters)

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