Morning report for March 7, 2013

* Washington Post veteran Doug Feaver is named the paper’s first reader representative. (
* Helen Zell — Sam’s wife — gives $50 million to University of Michigan’s acclaimed graduate writing program. “Writers should be at their desk, not at Starbucks serving coffee,” she says. (AP via | The university’s release: (
* Al Gore is sued by John Terenzio over the Current TV sale to Al Jazeera. (
* Andrew Sullivan’s readers spend an average of 17 minutes a day on his site, and 80% check in twice a day. (
* The old Herald Tribune “punched The [New York] Times in the nose, which made The Times a better paper.” (

- Most powerful sports journalist

– Most powerful sports journalist

* The 10 most powerful people in sports media, according to Richard Deitsch. (Bill Simmons is #1.) (
* Bobby Knight is “a surprisingly good editor,” says biographer Bob Hammel. “He catches me on some things and it’s embarrassing.” (
* Fast-growing Upworthy is BuzzFeed-like, except it focuses on political and social issues. (
* Time Inc. Laura Lang will depart once Time Warner’s magazine division spinoff is complete. (
* VF excerpt: Richard Engel’s kidnapping diary. (
* Chicago Sun-Times swaps out its Food section for a more advertiser-friendly TASTE. (
* Sanjay Gupta is joining (
* Letters: Roger Friedman is steamed about not getting credit for his Sarah Jessica Parker scoop. (Romenesko Letters)

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