Editor: Newsroom wasn’t responsible for ‘Fry Rice’ poster

Dana Gray, editor of the Caledonian-Record in St. Johnsbury, VT, was quick to tell me this afternoon that he wasn’t responsible for his paper’s “Fry Rice” poster.

(Credit: Paul Lamontagne)

(Credit: Paul Lamontagne)

“It was the production side,” he says. “This wasn’t a function of the editorial side.”

What did he think about the poster?

“I’d just as soon stay out of it.”

Gray, who joined the 9,500-circulation paper in 1994 and was named editor in 2008, tells Romenesko readers that “the feedback has been social media pretty much. I’ve taken no calls from readers. I believe there may have been one letter to the editor.”

By the way, Rice wasn’t fried on Thursday night; the basketball team won 48-40 in overtime.

AS A SIDE NOTE… I got a good scolding this morning from Mark M. Smith. He wrote:

I have just opened my e-mail and found a message from you. I went to your blog and found a reference to contacting the publisher of the Caledonian-Record. You have not done so.

As a trained journalist, University of Missouri School of Journalism, 1972, Newhouse School of Communication, Syracuse University, 1973, it is basic to have accurate information before you start asking questions. I am NOT publisher of the Caledonian-Record and have not been for 3 years. I am the corporate president of The Caledonian-Record Publishing Company Inc, the owner of The Caledonian-Record, The Orleans County Record, The Littleton Record, The Lancaster Record and The Woodsville Record. I am also semi-retired and a resident of Bulverde, Texas. I will adress [sic] any issues you may have with any of these publications when I return to Vermont in late June.

Thank you and have a good day.

Mark M. Smith

Dear Mr. Smith: I’m sorry I interrupted your semi-retirement with my email, but I went to your newspaper’s Contact Us section yesterday and this is what I found: Mark M. Smith, publisher.

UPDATE: The newspaper updated its Contact Us page after I posted this. Here’s how it looked until late Friday afternoon.

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