Keep gun-permit information public, says North Carolina paper

A sister paper of the Cherokee Scout — the North Carolina newspaper that apologized for asking the sheriff for gun-permit information — says in an editorial this week that “there is a public interest in keeping the records of concealed carry permits open to the public.”

The lead story in that paper, the Mitchell News-Journal, is about county commissioners wanting concealed carry permit records to be kept confidential.gun “I see no reason why the media needs to know this information,” the sheriff told the commissioners. “The media shouldn’t be able to come in and say they want a complete list of concealed carry permits. That’s nobody’s business.”

I asked News-Journal editor and publisher Andy Ashurst what he’s heard about the editorial. He wrote:

I have not received any calls or threats, so far. We had bad weather on Wednesday, our date of publication, and Thursday, so that may have been a factor. I have received one letter to the editor in opposition, but it addresses issues.

I did not know what kind of reaction to expect, but we must provide open and honest debate.

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