Morning report for March 8, 2013



David Cay Johnston: A marketing partner of the maker of TurboTax “is trying to lure journalists into unethical behavior.” || See the third comment: “Intuit highly values our long-standing relationships with journalists and we’re embarrassed that a partner we work with has done this.” (
* Juan Williams column in The Hill borrows from a Center for American Progress report. The Fox News talker blames a researcher. (
* In 1967, an ad man predicted the personalized, on-demand future of digital media. (
* Murdoch’s new publishing company will have a $2.6 billion safety net. (
* Would paywalls have worked for newspapers ten or fifteen years ago? (
* Nate Thayer is accused of plagiarism. He responds: “I will defend to the death my reporting and attribution of this piece.” ( | “I don’t really see why Thayer should get away with this.” (
* BKLYNR, a website that promises in-depth stories about Brooklyn, launches April 4. (
* Mathew Ingram: “Facebook may succeed in building the world’s best personalized newspaper, but…” (
Unknown-1* Once again, cameras won’t be allowed at the Gridiron Dinner — even though President Obama is attending. “Journalists find it particularly ironic that after all the press corps’ recent complaints about access and transparency, fellow journalists are making the decision to keep the president’s remarks in camera — which is to say, off camera,” writes Dylan Byers. (
* Clay Travis: “Sports Illustrated employs too many people to make a living on that brand on the Internet.” (
* WaPo’s Fred Hiatt on new reader rep Doug Feaver: “Nobody who knows him will doubt that he will be totally independent in his judgment and that he will hold us all properly accountable.” (
* Press release claims a PR woman “developed, researched and brokered” a Pulitzer-winning Tampa Bay Times piece. (She “has a lot of damn nerve,” says blogger.) (
* Rachel Maddow’s doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this morning and she’s a little nervous. (@maddow)
* Legendary celeb photographer Richard Corkery apparently is no longer with the New York Daily News. (
* Letters: Drone strike? Nope, that’s the Indiana gas explosion. (Romenesko Letters)

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