Noon report for March 9, 2013


@TabbyKinder: “Bit concerning when you receive your Masters degree certificate from @myGoldsmiths and they’ve spelt JOURNALISM wrong.”

* Whatever happened to Time Inc.? asks John Cassidy (
* BuzzFeed’s “Happiest facts” post was mostly plagiarized from Reddit. (
* What we learned about Rachel Maddow from her Reddit AMA. ( | The MSNBC host’s AMA disappointed one Republican. (
* J-student: “Don’t let this generation of children think newspapers are obsolete.” (
* Why is Bob Woodward an American icon? asks Max Holland. (
* There will be a meeting of ex-ombudsmen on tomorrow’s CNN “Reliable Sources.” (@pextonPB)
* Political ads boost Journal Communications earnings; the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel parent’s publishing division did well, too. (