WSJ staffers told to ‘stay the course – and accelerate’

Memo to the Wall Street Journal staff

From: Narisetti, Raju
Date: Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 5:23 PM
Subject: Stay The Course

On an average weekday in the last 12 months, our total circulation was 2.3 million for all three print editions of The Wall Street Journal combined. We should all be very proud of the great print offerings we provide, once a day, every single day to this audience.

On an average weekday in the last 12 months, WSJDN actually had 3.9 million readers a day coming to our websites, every single week-day.

The green line in the chart below is when readers come to us looking for the terrific journalism WSJ promises them, as measured in the % of daily readers who come, each hour.

The blue line was when we were publishing our stories, by the hour, in 2011-12.

The red line shows how all of you moved the needle significantly in recent months to get more of your great journalism to your audiences when more of them were looking for it on our site.

May you all stay the course. And accelerate.

Thank you. Goodbye