Morning report for March 11, 2013

* A publishers’ paywall letter we’d like to see: “Don’t make me come around twice a year and do a little dance for money like a public-radio pledge drive.” (
* Gawker (not The Onion) headline: “Somebody Should Figure Out How to Pay for Journalism, Says Guy Whose Job It Is to Do That.” (
* Al Jazeera considers using the old New York Times building for its New York headquarters. (
* Advice for reporters in Rome: When an editor wants a prediction of how the new pope will act, just say, “God only knows.” (
* Write a 36-page magazine article and there’s a good chance you’ll get something wrong. (Hospital says Steve Brill got profit figure wrong.) (
* Claim: Public relations is winning the battle for control of consumer content. (
* Chinese media fall for satirical report about Paul Krugman being broke. (
* Meet Egypt’s Jon Stewart. (
* Watch out for stock hoaxes on Twitter and Facebook. (
* New York Times acknowledges misstating the level of literacy in Viking culture. (@mattzeitlin) | ( 13th correction) | Who complained to the Times? (Romenesko Letters)
* How David Carr views paid content. ( | Read tweets about Carr’s Sunday talk at SXSW. (
* How many sales does it take to make a book an Amazon bestseller? (
* PSA: University of Missouri’s looking for someone to teach magazine journalism. (
* The Who Pays Writers? tumblr has been around for some time; now we have Who Pays Photographers? (