[UPDATED] Note to Boston.com: Krugman isn’t bankrupt


The South China Morning Post says media outlets in China have been fooled by a satirical report about Paul Krugman declaring bankruptcy. They’re not the only ones: The New York Times-owned Boston.com also has a post about the New York Times columnist’s alleged Chapter 13 filing. It’s been online for four days now. [UPDATE: It was removed about two minutes after I posted this.]

* Paul Krugman files Chapter 13 bankruptcy (boston.com/story now removed)
* Krugman: I’ve been “Breitbarted” (krugman.nytimes.com)

Update: Globe editor Brian McGrory tells Erik Wemple: “The story arrived deep within our site from a third party vendor who partners on some finance and market pages on our site. We never knew it was there till we heard about it from outside.” The paper, he says, did “urgent work to get it the hell down.” He adds: “The idea that we’d have a partner on our site is actually news to me” and the Globe plans to “address our relationship with that vendor.”