TV columnist Lisa de Moraes is leaving Washington Post

TV columnist Lisa de Moraes is quitting the Washington Post when the television season ends in May to be with her husband in Los Angeles.

“I am truly sorry to be leaving this column, but I really miss my husband,” she tells Romenesko readers. “I would see him only four months out of the year. I was doing the back-and-forth because of the nature of his job.” (Her husband, Jeff Copeland, is a content producer at Santa Monica web company and a former Washington Post employee.)

Will fans of De Moraes’ funny, snarky voice be able to read her column in another outlet?

“I hope so.”

Does the 15-year Post veteran have something lined up?

“I don’t have anything that I can say about that now.”

Hmmm, I’m just guessing here… Entertainment Weekly, maybe? (The magazine just lost TV critic Ken Tucker.)

UPDATE — De Moraes writes: “How kind of you to speculate I might land at EW. If, by some miracle, that happens, I will owe you a fee — or at least a dinner!” (That’s not necessary, but I wouldn’t say no to an EW iPad subscription renewal.)

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