Evening report for March 12, 2013

* Winners of the National Awards for Education Reporting are announced. (edmediacommons.org)
Unknown-3* Philadelphia Daily News’s corruption report wins $10,000 Weiss Award. (cpijournalism.org)
* CIR’s Ryan Gabrielson wins the 2013 Al Nakkula Award for Police Reporting. (journalism.colorado.edu)
* NBC parent Comcast hates the news division’s “shenanigans and leaks and gossip.” (latimes.com)
* Essence editor says she was fired after disputes with Time Inc.’s top editor. (mije.org) | More: (mije.org)
* Unemployed journalist who only has a dog and mortgage to feed says he’s “immune to the anger, depression or self-flagellation afflicting others in this club.” (opineseason.com)
* Putting singers on magazine covers doesn’t help newsstand sales. (wwd.com)
* “The wrongness in Woodward’s reporting [on John Belushi] is always ever so subtle.” (slate.com)
* Woodward and Bernstein reunite for “All the President’s Men Revisited” screening. (washingtonpost.com)
* Norman Chad always gets cranky thinking about Nate Silver. (washingtonpost.com)
* Sorry, Bud Selig, but Miami New Times isn’t giving you any anti-aging clinic documents. (miaminewtimes.com)
* A reader blasts Philly Daily News for its “lecherous” profile of a traffic reporter. (Romenesko Letters)