Morning report for March 12, 2013

uniwatch* Uni-Watch readers get a membership card after sending $25 to site creator Paul Lukas. He explains the 12-step process of designing the cards and getting them to new enrollees. (“Step 9: I sit down and sign each of them on the ‘Commissioner’ line.”) Every card comes laminated by Paul. (
* Politico’s launching a free quarterly print publication with articles that appeared on its Pro site. (
* Reporter Andrea Tornielli is the reason there’s a Vatican City media blackout. (“He was getting live feeds from cardinals inside these supposedly secret meetings.”) (
* Eric Zorn’s eyebrow is raised over Washington Post’s “cardinals led by the Holy Spirit” line. (
* Florida ethics chairman swears up a storm over reporter’s record request. (
* New York City tabloids tease Mayor Bloomberg over soda ban ruling. (
* Jon Stewart has many more reasons to move on than to come back to “The Daily Show.” (
* NBC chief digital officer Vivian Schiller describes her Soviet Union “tour escort” days. (
* “It’s ass-saving time for morning villain Matt Lauer,” writes Andrea Peyser. (
* MIT Media Lab apologizes for raunchy SXSW party wristbands. (
* Bleacher Report co-founder claims the revamped Deadspin is Bleacher Report-like. ( | He’s wrong; it’s not the same model. (
* Pasadena Star-News’ community news lounge opens today. (
* Providence Journal gets a boost from commercial printing and delivery jobs. (
* High school paper’s sex and relationships issue upsets some parents (of course). (

-- Matt Buchanan's first day at The New Yorker

— Matt Buchanan’s first day at The New Yorker

* A rough weekend for the Syracuse Post-Standard, in part because of daylight saving time. (
* Matt Buchanan shows up at the New Yorker offices looking like a New Yorker cover. (
* Orange County Press Club president defends himself again plagiarism accusations. (