Brian Williams: I don’t do social media

“I have 160,000 Twitter followers having never said one word.”


NBC anchor Brian Williams tells Jefferson Graham that he doesn’t hang out on social media or read mentions of himself because “you’d have no time for anything else, you’d have no self esteem, and you’d never leave the house.” (Gee, Brian, many other people in media seem to manage it.)

He also says:

I’m a night owl, cruising various websites, looking for stories for the next day … for anything we missed. I love getting challenged by the staff. I hate being the only one who brings a find to the afternoon story meeting.
I have a list of favorites — BuzzFeed, Daily Mail and Gawker. There is a reason Daily Mail is the No. 1 news site in the world. It’s 90% candy-based, and then once in awhile they’ll do a deep dive of gorgeous photos from the Smithsonian that will take your breath away. BuzzFeed is a fascinating website. They have really locked into a formula. Who isn’t going to click on ’20 pets being jerks,’ or the baby otter being bottle fed at the San Diego Zoo?

I start my day with the big aggregators. New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico. I’m a non-fiction guy living in a non-fiction world.

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