Evening report for March 14, 2013

* Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys is accused of working with “Anonymous” to hack into a Tribune Co. website. (politico.com) | (gizmodo.com)
* ESPN pulls Bill Simmons off Twitter for three days over his “First Take” criticism. (deadspin.com)
* Nick Denton: “I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly read a full Pando[Daily] post.” (adage.com)
images* Facebook is working to incorporate the hashtag into its service (online.wsj.com)
* “60 Minutes” is profiling Twitter creator Jack Dorsey on Sunday. (cbspressexpress.com)
* Over-60 set reacts to NPR ombudsman’s column about using “elderly” in stories and headlines. (npr.org)
* Chris Hayes to take over the 8 p.m. ET slot on MSNBC (nytimes.com)
* Now that Google’s killed Reader, can we count on the Internet giant to continue other services we’ve come to need? (buzzmachine.com)
* Good news! Digg is building a Reader. (digg.com) | Why did Google reader die? (slate.com)
* How Meredith has managed to maintain steady profits and reliable margins. (businessweek.com)
* The curtain is going down at MovieReviewIntelligence.com. (nytimes.com)
* Murrey Marder, who covered the Washington Post’s “Red Beat” during the Joe McCarthy era, dies at 93. (washingtonpost.com)
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