Lawrence O’Donnell misses show biz so much

“I will do anything short of pornography at this point to hang around sets and have fun,” Lawrence O’Donnell tells Daniel D’Addario. “Sets are really fun workplaces and everyone there is creative and energetic. …There’s a great spirit to a film set that is unique in American workplaces by far. And it is the most fun I’ve had in my professional life.”

Any advice for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes?

I don’t really — I don’t know what I’m doing. I have no advice for how to do this stuff. …

I still don’t get this kind of television. I don’t. And it’s not a business that I feel I have a working understanding of, unlike prime-time commercial entertainment television or HBO and Showtime. I understand completely what they do, and I want to do what they do. But on a news show? I have no advice for anyone.

* O’Donnell: “Every show we do offends my artistic sensibilities” (