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A tough day at the Washington Examiner

You mean Louisville, right? (Looks like it.)

* Morningstar CEO Joe Mansueto is selling Time Out Chicago for $4 million to the investor group that owns Time Out titles in other cities. ( | The magazine is killing its print edition. (
* Meanwhile, Time Out Chicago reports the Sun-Times owes Tribune Co. some money. (
* Columbia j-school prof Sylvia Nasar sues the university, claims it misdirected $4.5 million in funds. (
* NYT’s Sam Dolnick wins the $20,000 Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism. (
* “The whole dual nature of the publication” — straight local news in one half, conservative opinion in the other — “had always been a challenge for us,” says Washington Examiner editor. (
* Charlie Pierce: NYT has never truly has atoned for its role in the Iraq fiasco. (
* Gawker publishes George W. Bush’s private email address. ( | (
* What is anyone expecting to get out of post-fight interviews? (
* Why women turned on Matt Lauer. (
* Matt Haber hops on the New York Post Tour Bus. (
* Cable news? These days it’s more cable talk. (
* Freelancer is a no-show at NHL game, but still has a dateline and byline in the paper. (
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The Ochs-Sulzberger family’s total stake in the New York Times Co. fell to 13% in the past year, from 15% a year ago, reports Keach Hagey.

“The reductions in the family’s broader stake have occurred since the company suspended its dividend in 2009, which had been a source of income for the family,” she writes.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s [SEC] filing showed that the total compensation of Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. rose to $6.9 million in 2012 from $5.9 million the previous year. Last year’s total included salary of $1.1 million as well as “non-equity incentive plan compensation” of $3.9 million.

Mark Thompson, who became CEO in November, earned $3.3 million from Times Co. in 2012, including a salary of $92,154, bonus of $136,111, stock awards of $1.5 million option awards of $1.5 million. The company had previously disclosed that Mr. Thompson’s compensation package included an annual salary of $1 million, in addition to bonuses.

Ochs-Sulzberger family’s stake in NYT falls to 13% (


* Ignore the doomsaying, journalism has never been healthier (
* “Where I start to have problems with his premise is down here on the local level” (



The Madison Capital Times reports that Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction candidate Don Pridemore has put five political reporters on a “Do Not Call” list. The journalists, he says, “are all LIBERAL’S and have chosen to parse words, phrases and spin my responses to fit their agendas.”

However, Capital Times reporter Jack Craver, who is on the list, says the memo was released “before I had ever interviewed Pridemore [and] at the time [it came out], I was repeatedly calling the campaign to set up an interview.”

* Don Pridemore: No more interviews with you! (
* Editorial: Pridemore should rethink his media “blacklist” thing (



From the release: “The Washington Examiner will shift its business model in June, becoming a digital platform and weekly print magazine focused on political thought leadership. …We will continue to publish the daily until June 14.”

* Washington Examiner to lay off 87, end daily publication (
* Examiner release: “The employees being laid off should be proud of their achievements” (

Dan Rohn, the founder of, has launched “It’s based on the same model as JJobs, but caters to K-12th grade teachers, college faculty and tutors,” he tells Romenesko readers. “It’s free for job seekers and employers.”

He adds:

I did some teaching earlier in my career and with one kid in preschool and two in elementary school, I saw a need for a site like this.dan

The site is part of a larger company I run called New Roads Media. The other sites in the group are (not yet launched), (not yet launched), (currently in a beta mode) and of course was sort of my Harper Lee moment (knock on wood). I’m hoping to have that same success with these ventures. But my ultimate goal is to launch some nonprofit sites that help children and the environment. It’s just an exciting time to be involved in technology.

* Earlier: “It’s been a great ride,” says founder (

UPDATE — Brian Stelter writes in an email: “The release date is now April 23, not May as mentioned in the catalog. And the cover is this one, not the temporary illustration in the catalog.”

From the publisher’s catalog:

* “Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV” (

* Pakistani officials arrest a suspect in the 2002 murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. ( | Pearl’s parents comment on the arrest: (
* Philadelphia magazine staffers face critics of their “Being White in Philly” cover story. (
* Political media has less ability to play its traditional referee role than ever before. (
* End of an era for Daily Variety: Today’s print edition is its last. (

On the front page of today's Los Angeles Times

On the front page of today’s Los Angeles Times

* BBC is selling its Lonely Planet travel guidebooks to a reclusive Kentucky billionaire. (
* Michigan prosecutor reviews unedited video of Fox News contributor being punched and decides not to file charges. (
* New York Times names new editors in Europe. (
* New hires indicate that won’t be just another web portal. (
* Petitioners want CNN to apologize for “blatantly” portraying the Steubenville rapists as victims. (
* MSNBC’s Chris Hayes got his start in Chicago at the Reader and In These Times. (
* New York Post publisher Jesse Angelo aims to cut the tabloid’s losses. (
* Knight Foundation claims that journalism education “hasn’t coped with mobile and social yet.” (
* New Republic’s big blockbuster redesign issue sold, give or take, 13,675 copies. (
* CJR’s Curtis Brainard apologizes for barbs that “went too far” in his post about the New York Times and its Green blog. (
* Dodgers staff gets Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers to the ER after his mini-stroke. (
* Don Melton: “So much of what is written about Apple these days is just horseshit meant to draw flies.” (
* “Nova” documentary on drones fails to mention funder’s interest in drones. (
* Andrew Sullivan: “So far, we have brought in around $644K in gross revenue, which is an incredible start.” (
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