Morning report for March 19, 2013

* Pakistani officials arrest a suspect in the 2002 murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. ( | Pearl’s parents comment on the arrest: (
* Philadelphia magazine staffers face critics of their “Being White in Philly” cover story. (
* Political media has less ability to play its traditional referee role than ever before. (
* End of an era for Daily Variety: Today’s print edition is its last. (

On the front page of today's Los Angeles Times

On the front page of today’s Los Angeles Times

* BBC is selling its Lonely Planet travel guidebooks to a reclusive Kentucky billionaire. (
* Michigan prosecutor reviews unedited video of Fox News contributor being punched and decides not to file charges. (
* New York Times names new editors in Europe. (
* New hires indicate that won’t be just another web portal. (
* Petitioners want CNN to apologize for “blatantly” portraying the Steubenville rapists as victims. (
* MSNBC’s Chris Hayes got his start in Chicago at the Reader and In These Times. (
* New York Post publisher Jesse Angelo aims to cut the tabloid’s losses. (
* Knight Foundation claims that journalism education “hasn’t coped with mobile and social yet.” (
* New Republic’s big blockbuster redesign issue sold, give or take, 13,675 copies. (
* CJR’s Curtis Brainard apologizes for barbs that “went too far” in his post about the New York Times and its Green blog. (
* Dodgers staff gets Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers to the ER after his mini-stroke. (
* Don Melton: “So much of what is written about Apple these days is just horseshit meant to draw flies.” (
* “Nova” documentary on drones fails to mention funder’s interest in drones. (
* Andrew Sullivan: “So far, we have brought in around $644K in gross revenue, which is an incredible start.” (
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