[UPDATED] Conscious Capitalism conference to bloggers: We’ll bill you if you don’t write about us

UPDATE: The policy has been changed. Bloggers will no longer have to write posts to avoid conference fees.


Bloggers attending the Conscious Capitalism conference in San Francisco on April 5 and 6 got this notice with their invitation:

Kerry A. Dolan says she’s “appalled by the specificity of the requirement – particularly the request to blog BEFORE the event,” which “has the foul odor of marketing and promotion as opposed to reporting.”
Fees for the conference range from $67.62 for a student attending for one day to $560 for full two-day event access. The Conscious Capitalism movement was started by Whole Foods founder John Mackey. “He asks businesses not to make profits the primary goal of the business,” notes Dolan. “Mackey wrote a book about the topic.”

* What’s up with the Conscious Capitalism 2013 mandatory blogging rule? (forbes.com)

The Conscious Capitalism 2013 invitation is after the jump.

From: Sarah Granger [mailto:sarah.granger@consciouscapitalism.org]
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 3:40 PM
To: Sarah Granger; Julie van Amerongen
Subject: Conscious Capitalism::Complimentary Registration Confirmation::Press Pass


This is a confirmation of your complimentary registration for a Press Pass for Conscious Capitalism 2013 in San Francisco, April 5th and 6th! Your press pass will be available at the press table in the registration area at the event.

We are delighted by the inspiring group of speakers, practicum leaders and attendees who have signed on for the event including Whole Foods Market co-Founder & co-CEO, John Mackey, Patagonia CEO Casey Sheahan, and The Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner. For event logistics and a complete lineup of presenters, please visit: http://consciouscapitalism.org/cc2013.

A reminder that bloggers must be prepared to send to Conscious Capitalism 2013 two blog posts: one blog post prior to the Conscious Capitalism 2013 event, and one blog post from after the event – both about some aspect of the Conscious Capitalism 2013 Conference. Any blogger who cannot provide links to their posts will be invoiced for attendance.

We look forward to seeing you in April! And please spread the word about Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Capitalism 2013!

Sarah and The Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Team

I’ve invited Granger to respond to Dolan’s criticism of the blogging requirement.