Morning report for March 20, 2013

* On her 59th birthday, NYT executive editor Jill Abramson spoke at the University of Michigan. “Quality, serious journalism that is thoroughly reported, elegantly told and that truly honors the intelligence of its readers is the business model of the New York Times,” she said. (

Love this page one headline!

Love this page one hed and story!

* Roger Ailes on why he told his story to Zev Chafets: “He’s an actual author, a good journalist. He’s mature and thoughtful and not out to hurt people. I’m not saying anything about the other guy.” (The other guy is Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman.) (
* From my “Page One Story of the Day”: “I’d never really seen turkeys up that close before, and I didn’t know what they were,” [student driver Justin] Ceresini said. “I was nervous. I just thought they were some kind of bird. It was pretty wild. I was like, what do I do?” (
* “I don’t know a single person who works in daily news today who doesn’t have her eyes trained on the exit signs,” says a former reporter who now writes fundraising copy for a hospital. (
* Time Out Chicago columnist: “Most of the 60 people who work here will lose their jobs” when the new owners take over. (
* Lawrence Wright first became interested in Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci as a teenager. (
* Ezra Klein is sorry he supported the Iraq War. (
* The Weather Channel wants exclusive use of the Internet domain .weather. (
* Meet the people who were at New York Observer’s 25th anniversary bash. (
* Michael Koretzky: “Furries embody everything I value as a journalist: Thick skins (quite literally) and an outsider’s view of the rest of the world, but with its own tight-knit community that won’t exclude anyone with an open mind.” (
* In Letters: Journalist Edward Champion explains why he’s walking 3,000 miles, from Brooklyn to San Francisco. (Romenesko Letters)
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