Morning report for March 21, 2013

Buffalo News owner Warren Buffett visits the newspaper

Buffett signs News staffers' money. (Buffalo News photo)

Buffett signs News staffers’ money. (Buffalo News photo)

“Buffett fielded questions from employees and a reporter on topics including the high unemployment rate, raising the minimum wage, investing in the stock market, advising new college graduates and buying the Buffalo Bills,” reports Stephen Watson. The billionaire investor said of the Bills: “If I were rich and somewhat younger, and lived in Buffalo, I’d buy them in a second. But I’m not taking on new things that my heirs will want to wrestle with.”
* In Buffalo, an ever-bullish Buffett targets timely issues (

* Why one journalist loves news: “It’s not about the money to me. It’s about discovery.” (
* Who’s right about journalism today? Pew or Matthew Yglesias? (
* “Yglesias is at once absolutely right and absolutely wrong,” writes Alan Mutter. (
* PR people make more money than journalists. Is that fair? (
* Oh no, Albany Times Union! Tuesday: We have brand new presses! Thursday: They broke down so many didn’t get their paper. (
* Denver Post’s gun-bill signing photo on Facebook is tagged “Retarded A$$hole” and “Dumb C*nt.” (
* Calvin Trillin: “When I worked at Time, all editors and writers were male and all researchers were female, as a matter of policy.” (
* “What we call older people is going to be a hot button going forward,” says Ann Brenoff. “And journalists are setting the scene right now.” (
fletcher* Remember all the hoopla about Dan Fletcher (left) being named Facebook managing editor? Well, he’s resigned after 15 months and says the social media giant “doesn’t need reporters.” (
* Nine Twin Cities writers launch an opinion website. (
* Why Matthew Keys is no Aaron Swartz. (“Aside from the difference in their alleged crimes, there’s also a split in apparent motives.”) (
* A judge sides with Associated Press in the Meltwater copyright dispute. (
* Auburn (NY) Citizen kills its Monday print edition. (