Saturday Report for March 23, 2013

* Is Huffington Post trying to kiss and make up with Walmart? It appears that way, says Erik Wemple. (
* Tim Noah: “I just got fired from The New Republic. Don’t have a clue why.” ( | (
fight* Chicago Bulls analyst Kendall Gill is suspended for the rest of the Bulls season after getting into a fight with a colleague in the Comcast Sportsnet newsroom. (
* Medium-sized papers aren’t having much luck with pay walls. (
* On Iraq, journalists didn’t fail; they just didn’t succeed. (
* NYU’s hyperlocal blog moves from New York Times to New York magazine. (
* Make up your mind, GLAAD: Do you or do you not want Fox News at your events? (
* Mizzou prof explores using drones for journalistic purposes. (
* Peter King signs a $3 million deal to stay at Sports Illustrated. (
* Washington Post hires a San Francisco architecture firm to design its new offices. (
* Nokia CEO takes reporter’s iPhone and throws it on the floor “as if it were a piece of useless junk.” (
* The Rocky Mountain News will live forever in the Denver Public Library. (