[UPDATED] San Francisco Chronicle puts its pay wall announcement behind a pay wall

UPDATE: The announcement has been moved to the Chronicle’s free area.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a new pay wall, but the full announcement is behind the pay wall. Only one paragraph is a free-read. There’s no news about the new subscription site on the Chronicle’s no-charge sfgate.com.
A tipster writes: “If someone happens to visit the brand new www.sfchronicle.com site they’ll find a letter from our editor announcing the new pay wall. But here’s the ultimate irony: they have to pay to read it.

“I wish I could leak you the text of the announcement, but management won’t give employees logins to the premium site unless we buy a subscription. So we can’t even read our own work!”

* SF Chronicle introduces paywall, puts introduction of paywall behind a paywall; editor: here’s the story…