Investigative reporter Teri Buhl is found guilty of Facebook harassment

In early February, investigative journalist Teri Buhl threatened to sue me and others for using her Twitter background on posts about her. I used it to accompany a response to Techdirt that she asked me to post. (Yes, I did her a favor and she “thanked me” with a lawsuit threat.)

Teri Buhl

Teri Buhl

Here’s an update on Buhl: She was found guilty Friday of harassing a former boyfriend’s daughter by posting the teen’s journals — with accounts of sex and underage drinking — on Facebook. Buhl allegedly posted the material under the name “Tasha Moore.” (“Moore” doubted the high-schooler would file a police report about the Facebook posts because, she said, her “own father would find out about the embarrassing information in the journal.”)

New Canaan News reporter Tyler Woods writes:

During a court recess, Buhl said she was using the diary entries, which she claimed had been given to her by one of the girl’s peers, for an investigative piece on adult-sponsored teen drinking parties in New Canaan, which she said she still plans on publishing.

The prosecution made the argument that the actions could have no other intent than to harass and annoy, so if Buhl committed the actions, that’s what she must have wanted.

Buhl’s investigative journalism blog doesn’t mention the verdict.

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