Morning report for March 25, 2013

-- Just another morning for Matt Lauer

— Business as usual for Matt Lauer

* From Joe Hagan’s New York cover story: Matt Lauer refused to give Brian Stelter an interview, believing he was working hand in glove with ABC’s Ben Sherwood to tear him down in the press, which the New York Times reporter denies. (
* Michael Wolff on Columbia picking Steve Coll to run its j-school: “Hiring another New Yorker writer, one who, of note, has never tweeted in his life, is yet quite an audacious statement about news values and direction.” (
* Phil Griffin’s plan for MSNBC: it’ll become much more like a general-interest brand than a left-wing clubhouse. (
* Shepard Smith: “I am a fan” of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. “I think they’re both geniuses.” Also: “Global warming is real,” says the Fox News anchor. (
* Rupert Murdoch wants the Los Angeles Times, but he’ll need an FCC waiver to get it. (
* The 140 best Twitter feeds of 2013, according to Time magazine. ( | Single-page view: (
* Retiree likes drawing the guests on C-SPAN because on other networks “they’re moving around and you only get a couple of seconds at it.” (
* Washington Post defends spiking Greg Mitchell’s op-ed on Iraq war coverage. (
* Gannett CEO Gracia Martore’s total compensation for 2012 was $8.5 million vs. $4.7 million in 2011. (
* Washington Post has a new and improved iPad app. (
* “Last week, I made one of the more spectacular errors of my career,” writes Portland Tribune reporter. (
* Michigan unions are encouraging a boycott of Journal Register newspapers. (
* NY media family tree: “NYT is the father. The New Yorker is the mother. The Post is the racist grandfather.” (@daweiner)
* International New York Times will be distributed alongside the Japan Times, starting in October. (
* St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Weatherbird still reigns as the longest continuously running comic strip in U.S. newspapers. (
* Bay Area News Group’s The Daily News cuts its print schedule to three days a week. (