[UPDATED] Welcome to Murdoch-land – and don’t hit your head on the low-hanging chandelier!

Dow Jones sales executive Daniel Hayter loves the new chandelier in the Wall Street Journal seventh-floor reception area, but I’m hearing grumblings from the editorial side: “Horrifically gaudy and expensive … Causing a bit of amazement amid our own austerity. Sends a weird message to staff.” Another employee says: “Most people say they were just surprised to see it when going up there to get free snacks, which are housed there too.” Free snacks?

UPDATE: “It’s from a rather low hanging ceiling, so the bottom would be about chest level of a six-foot tall man. It really looks out of place or like a floor model of furniture store sale.”

I’ve invited comment from Dow Jones.

UPDATE: Watch your heads! My tipster writes: “Respective heights: 5’9, and 5’4. Word is, there will be a red-velvet carpet beneath it, too. Unclear if this was a serious suggestion.”