What are your April Fools’ Day publishing plans?

firstApril Fools’ Day is just a week away. What, if anything, does your news organization plan to do to “celebrate”? (Post in comments or send me an email, please). Editors at papers whose jokes fell flat last year tell us what they’re going to do next Monday.

LAST YEAR: The top two editors at the University of Missouri’s Maneater resigned over the April 1 Carpeteater edition. carpet “I truly did not know that ‘carpet eater’ is a derogatory term used for a lesbian,” the managing editor told her readers. “Had I known, I would never have even considered using it.”
THIS YEAR: “There will be no April Fool’s edition of The Maneater,” says editor-in-chief Kelly Olejnik. “With the support of the editorial board, the decision was made during Spring semester 2012 to cut any and all plans for an April Fool’s issue from the 2012-2013 academic year.”

LAST YEAR: The Fordham University Ram apologized for an article headlined, “Jesuits Gone Jewish.” The Jesuit school’s president called it directly insulting to Jews, and offensive to every member of the University community.”
THIS YEAR: “Because of the way our printing schedule coincides with Easter break, The Ram will not be running an April Fools issue this year,” says editor-in-chief Connor Ryan. “The staff understands the way the schedule works and they have been completely supportive. Despite the longstanding tradition that is the April Fools issue, I am confident Fordham’s student body will understand where we are coming from this year.”

LAST YEAR: Boston University’s Daily Free Press published the “Disney Free Press,” which had Cinderella caught up in a prostitution ring. The newspaper’s board demanded that the editor-in-chief resign over the “incredibly harmful, tasteless” issue.
THIS YEAR: Editor-in-chief Emily Overholt did not respond to my email or tweet.

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