Morning report for March 26, 2013

* “I’ve had it to here with interviews,” says a woman camping outside of the Supreme Court. “I can’t keep answering the same questions.”( | The New York Times quotes her, too. (
"Shopoholic" Buzz Bissinger

* “Shopaholic” journalist Buzz Bissinger — he has 81 leather jackets — spent $587,412.97 between 2010 and 2012. ( | Brunner: I was baffled by Bissinger’s get-up when I interviewed him. (@iamrobbrunner) | Bissinger’s outfits in a slideshow. (
* “Running Time Inc. may be the least enviable job in America,” says Michael Wolff. (
* Ted Reed: “The Miami Herald, when I worked there, was a reporter’s newspaper and a writer’s newspaper.” (
* iPhone users are younger, more active on social networks and listen to more digital radio on their phones than Android users. (
* The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is dropping the Associated Press on April 1. (
* “We, the employees of the San Francisco Chronicle, have had enough.” (
* People who tweet negatively about their job generally tweet more than regular users and have fewer followers than those who tweet positive things about work. (
* I like this feature: You can now read the Washington Post print edition through its iPad app. (
* David Warsh: I went back and read what I was writing around the time of the US invasion of Iraq; I wasn’t very happy at what I found. (
* Alt-weekly publishers challenge the notion that their industry is dying. (
* What does Boston Globe’s sale mean for the city? (
* Back Country Trader got readers to write for free long before The Huffington Post did. (
* Casey Newton — “the tallest reporter covering Silicon Valley” (six-five) — quits CNET for The Verge. (
* Andrew Sullivan now has a $1.99/month deal. (