Morning report for March 27, 2013

* From NBC News to Jeopardy? “I got a feeler” from the game show, Brian Williams tells David Letterman. “It never went anywhere.”
Letterman: “You would never leave the venue of news.”
Williams: “Oh, no, I’m not sure I’d never leave the venue of news. It chews people up and spits people out. It’s a young man’s game, and any other cliches you want to pile on there. When I go, I’m just going to go. I’ll be at the Jersey shore on a PO box. I’m not going to stay in it forever. The daily deadline is a grind on you.” (
* Peabody Awards announced. “Girls,” “60 Minutes,” and “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” are among the winners. (
* USA Today puts its cover story “on hiatus” and keeps story jumps to “a bare minimum.” (
* Columbia j-school prof has “a new way to think of how we get stories in front of readers.” (
* Columbia’s new j-school dean doesn’t tweet? So what? (
* Why some small papers aren’t running gay marriage editorials. (Romenesko Letters)
* Daniel Victor: “I believe a tweet free of hashtags is more pleasing to the eye, more easily consumed.” (
* Why the weekly Chinook Observer put up a pay wall: “We were sort of looking at this model of, gee, you know, we’re giving away all this stuff we’ve agonized over the week to produce. How does this compute?” (
* Raleigh business editor has a “Jackass” experience during his lunch-hour stroll. (
* HBO is going to show the “grown-up, smarter” version of Vice Media. (
* Is it OK to publish off-the-record remarks after a source dies? (
* D magazine editor asks: “Why the heck would a press club give scholarships to PR and advertising students?” (
* NOLA Media Group’s Baton Rouge bureau chief resigns after six months on the job. (
* Anderson Cooper isn’t being considered as a Matt Lauer replacement, says NBC. (
* New York Times explores Palm Beach Daily News’ cozy relationship with local socialites. (
* The first thing Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz does in the morning is check Reddit. (