Sex issue allowed back on New Mexico community college’s newsstands

The Sex Issue is returning to newsstands at Central New Mexico Community College.

The administration on Tuesday said CNM Chronicle’s content was “raunchy…offensive and not appropriate for the educational mission” of the college. Officials confiscated the papers and suspended publication for at least the rest of the semester.
On Wednesday — after the controversy made national headlines — the college’s publication board held an emergency meeting and decided that the student journalists could continue to publish the Chronicle and distribute their sex issue.

CNM President Katharine Winograd now says the paper was pulled because “a high school student was included in this issue and we needed to check on the legal ramifications of information on a minor in a publication of the college.”

Chronicle editor-in-chief Jyllian Roach says a 17-year-old was interviewed for a story on abstinence, but the paper got a permission letter from the girl’s parents.

The Santa Fe Reporter says it’s “curious about what ‘legal ramifications’ could arise from publishing an interview of a high school student about why she abstains from sex.” Good question.



President Winograd said the college should give the student paper “the level of editorial resources and education that it needs and deserves” and that she wants the publication board to “discuss ways the college can provide you a better educational experience through your participation with the CNM Chronicle.”

Editor Roach tells the University of New Mexico’s Daily Lobo:

We are all excited that we are going to continue our publication without any interruption. We are going to continue to do what we have always done. We are going to continue to print whatever is important to our readers.”

We all have moments when we react emotionally. I feel that the administration here had a moment like that, and after they had a good night’s sleep on it, they reconsidered. I’m very happy that they did.

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