Daily Archives: March 31, 2013

The New York Times changed its obituary for rocket scientist Yvonne Brill after it was criticized for a lede that said “she made a mean beef stroganoff,beef followed her husband from job to job and took eight years off from work to raise three children.”
* “Awful” Times obit for rocket scientist rhapsodizes about her beef stroganoff ( | (
* New York Times fails miserably in obit for rocket scientist (
* “The lede for this obit was more creative than most people can handle for some reason” (

* Google’s Cesar Chavez doodle on Easter Sunday has conservatives fuming. ( | (
* A Princeton prof responds to an alum’s husband-hunting letter. ( | Her letter. (
* Richard Rushfield departs as BuzzFeed’s LA bureau chief after five months. “Wasn’t the right fit,” he says. (
* Hollywood Reporter apologizes to parent for lifting its source code. (
* Appeals court upholds dismissal of libel suit against the Detroit News and Charlie LeDuff. (
* Orange County Register’s advertising deal with three universities has some staffers concerned. (
* OC Weekly: Orange County Register doesn’t allow critical comments about its paywall. (
april* Dave Winer: “TechCrunch wins the award for the first inane April Idiocy post.” (
* Los Angeles Times editorial writer Dan Turner dies of pancreatic cancer. He was 49. (
* NYT’s Jim Dwyer and other journalists pose with the actors who play them in “Lucky Guy.” (
* If can make it in Chicago and New York, it can make it anywhere, according to its staffers. (
* Tribute to an editor who is leaving The Awl. (“Carrie [Frye] is leaving her post here to focus on making more words herself.”) (
* Do you still print stuff out? asks Gizmodo. (Rarely; I have to go to the public library to do it.) (
* Pasadena City College puts newspaper adviser on leave; many suspect it’s because of the paper’s aggressive coverage of the administration. (
* French postal service is testing drone newspaper delivery service. Stumbling block: “Quadricopters only have a range of about 164 feet and 30 minutes of flight time.” (
* Sorry, Bullett magazine, but you’re not the first publication to show a person holding a cat. (