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DAVID CARR WRITES TODAY: “Journalism education is something of a confidence game. Having seen many journalism programs up close, I can say that most are escalators to nowhere.”

JENA HEATH RESPONDS: “Depends entirely on the student. I needed the training and the credential I got at Columbia under the hardass Mel Mencher. I borrowed – and paid off – every dime and have never regretted one moment or penny of that investment.

“I now teach journalism to undergraduates who are hungry to learn how to do it well. Believe me, they need the training and, even more, an understanding of what journalism is, fundamentally, its role in a democracy. They also need to be able to write (one hopes that will always be so). What I find incredible is the assertion that [new Columbia journalism school dean Steve] Coll, an amazing journalist, is somehow not up for the job because he doesn’t tweet enough? Presumably, he’s smart enough to learn how.”

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Alex Green, who edits the student newspaper at a conservative Christian college in Tennessee, is the winner of this year’s Ancil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism.

Alex Green

Alex Green

I reported last September that Green self-published the story of a Bryan College Biblical Studies professor’s arrest after the school president ordered it killed. “I placed [copies of the story] around campus and at the doors of dorm rooms and at public areas around the school,” he said last fall.

After the editor’s self-publishing story went national, Bryan College president Stephen Livesay admitted that ordering Green to kill the story about a faculty member’s arrest for attempted child exploitation “may have been a mistake.”

University of Oregon journalism school dean and chairman of the Payne Award judging panel Tim Gleason says:

While we had a number of strong entries from journalists and journalism organizations this year, Alex Green’s entry best exemplifies the spirit of the Ancil Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism.

We applaud not only his courage in reporting the story but the thought process he shared with us about his ordeal. The thoughtful and sophisticated way in which Alex approached the story and the resulting fallout is above and beyond what we might typically expect from a student journalist.

* Alex Green wins the 2013 Ancil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism (

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I asked University of North Carolina Daily Tar Heel editor-in-chief Andy Thomason to tell us about this April 1 Page One editorial:

“We have historically resisted the April Fools prank issue because we want to give our readers the news they expect every day, and don’t want to risk squandering that trust with one day of indulgence.

“The fact that it’s April Fools Day played no role in our decision to run the editorial today. Instead, the placement marks the conclusion of intense discussion and debate on how to address a complex problem that has brought two federal investigations to UNC. We have a nice peg with the first day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, as well as it being the first day after a week in which this issue just exploded with new news every day.”

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On the day that The New Republic posted this story
…staff writer Julia Ioffe tweeted the photo below of the magazine’s “beautiful” new offices. tnroffices “We just moved in today,” New Republic editorial director Michael Schaffer writes in an email. He tells Romenesko readers that posting the piece about struggling newspapers selling their real estate on the same day that the New Republic is doing an office upgrade is “pure coincidence.”

In our case, at least, our new space is built out to house the magazine, while our old space was subleased from an agricultural lobby where the conference room had a plaque explaining that it was sponsored by Monsanto.

* After the newspaper building (
* TNR’s new offices are “beautiful but harder to nap in” (@juliaioffe)

Pay walls? Reduced publishing schedules? Just not funny.


* “In an effort to be bold and innovative…” (


* OC Weekly to install online paywall (

The Florence (Ala.) Times Daily has UFOs, the Loch Ness monster and Godzilla in one centerpiece A1 photo.

* UFOs, Nessie seen near Shoals (

“This is the first time we’ve done something like this, and I’ve been here 25 years,” says Bernie Delinski, who wrote the gag story. He tells us that colleague Jim Hannon was playing around with Photoshop last week and created this photo-illustration as a joke. Someone on the staff suggested the paper run it for April Fools’ Day, and Delinski was assigned to do the story.

“At first I was a little bit worried” about fooling readers, “but then I had fun with it. We wanted to make sure that everyone knew instantly that it was a gag, so we made it over the top.” (Mission accomplished, Bernie!)

Reader feedback today has been “good-natured,” says the 48-year-old newsman.

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* Vice Media execs sometimes refer to their company as “the Time Warner of the Streets.” (
* Newspapers worldwide are putting up paywalls. (
* Michael Wolff says NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke should be fired — not Matt Lauer or Jay Leno. (

Guardian Goggles (April Fools!)

Guardian Goggles (April Fools!)

* Okay, Guardian, your April Fools’ Day joke is kind of cute. (Please alert me to bad ones.) (
* John Kelly’s April 1 WaPo column is about the Washington Mole Way. He tells Romenesko readers: “I’d say the e-mail is running about 90 percent people who get the joke, 10 percent people wanting to know how they can visit it.” (
* David Carr: “Having seen many journalism programs up close, I can say most are escalators to nowhere.” (
* How does the New York Times get the definition of Easter wrong? asks @SaldeHV. (
* “We remain committed to seven-day [newspaper] publishing,” says Hearst’s new CEO. (
* Seattle Post-Intelligencer has become the West Coast version of Daily Mail’s website. (
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* Indiana University journalism student is tapped to run her family’s water park. (
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