[UPDATED] Los Angeles Times will run Daily Kos’ anti-Koch brothers ad on Wednesday

Daily Kos reported on Monday that the Los Angeles Times had rejected its ad urging that Tribune Co. not sell the Times to the Koch brothers.
I emailed the Times on Tuesday and found out that the paper never turned down the ad [in dispute] — and that’s it’s running in Wednesday’s paper.

Times spokesperson Nancy Sullivan says the Daily Kos/Courage Campaign ad was submitted to the paper’s self-service advertising portal on Friday. It was reviewed, then sent to Ad Standards to be vetted — as are all advocacy ads.

The ad creators were told that two changes were needed: they had to include contact information, and they had to provide the newspaper with documentation or citations for claims made in the ad.

“At no time were they told the ad wouldn’t run,” says Sullivan.

The ad was resubmitted on Monday. The Standards department checked the citations that were provided, then sent the ad to the legal department for final review. It got approval and will run in the main section on Wednesday, says Sullivan. (She notes that Daily Kos never contacted her office for comment before running its “ad rejected” story.)

UPDATE: Gabe Smalley of Courage Campaign tells me that the ad was initially rejected by a Times rep who would only identify himself as “Mickey.”

“He said that it might be a conflict of interest and that ‘we don’t have to accept any type of ad if we don’t want to.'”

Smalley adds: “They’re denying they rejected the ad, which is absolutely ludicrous. When the pressure ramped up, they quietly accepted the ad.”

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