RIP Roger Ebert

* Chicago Tribune: “A film critic with the soul of a poet”
* He started his journalism career as a kid “publishing” out of his basement (
* Sun-Times’ obit is behind a registration wall — for now | “We’re trying” to lower it (@suntimes)
* Ex-colleague: “Roger wore his fame lightly & treated the copy desk with faux disdain. He knew that we were good at what we did & loved to make us laugh.” (@elesscom)
* Hollywood Reporter: “The most famous film critic in history” dies at 70 (
* “My Roger Ebert Story”: Will Leitch’s post from 2010 ( | Chris Jones’ interview from 2010 (
* April 2: “I must slow down now, which is why I’m taking what I like to call ‘a leave of presence'” (


Sun-Times Media’s statement is after the jump.

Press release

CHICAGO, IL – April 4, 2013: Sun-Times Media, parent company of the Chicago Sun-Times, released a statement today regarding Roger Ebert.

“We are saddened to share the news that our longtime colleague Roger Ebert has died. He was 70. Roger has been writing for the Chicago Sun-Times for 46 years. The long relationship between Roger and his Sun-Times family speaks volumes about Roger’s commitment to his craft and to his fans around the world. Roger’s reviews were highly anticipated by readers and the film community. Film commentary was only one of several gifts. He was a reporter first, in every aspect of his craft. He could write as eloquently about world affairs as he could on the upcoming blockbuster. Roger will be missed not only by the Sun-Times family, but by the journalism and film communities. Our thoughts are with Roger’s wife, Chaz, and their family during this time.”

Jim Kirk

Editor in Chief

Sun-Times Media