Teri Buhl gets 30 days in jail for harassing girl


Sorry to lose you as a newsletter subscriber, Teri, but you probably wouldn’t be able to read it very often in jail anyway.

Teri Buhl

Teri Buhl

On Thursday, a judge sentenced journalist Teri Buhl to 30 days in jail and one-year probation for harassing her former boyfriend’s teen daughter by posting parts of the girl’s journals on Facebook. (They described drug use and sexual activity.)

Buhl got off my newsletter list four days after I reported that she was found guilty of harassment and breach of peace.

In February, Buhl threatened to sue me and others for using her Twitter photo on posts about her. I used it to go with a response to Techdirt that she asked me to post.

It appears that Buhl’s trial was the talk of New Canaan. The sentencing story is the most-read on the local newspaper’s website — a lengthy article that even describes Buhl’s courtroom look:

Buhl stood facing the judge, wearing a white blazer with black horizontal stripes and a black skirt. Her dark brown hair was done into a single braid.

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