Saturday report for April 6, 2013

An emoticon day in the life of a newspaper reporter (@lisafleisher)

-- via @lisafleisher

— via @lisafleisher

* Reporters covering the Exxon oil spill in Arkansas are being threatened with arrest. (
* Mother of kidnapped journalist James Foley: “We don’t know who is holding him or why.” (AP via
* It’s hard to image that there will be much left of the Time magazine brand 36 months from now, says an ex-staffer. (
* Funeral services for Roger Ebert are at 10 a.m. Monday. Fans are welcome, but seating is limited. (
* Bob Greene on Ebert: “I wish you could have known him as a young man — his laughter, his stories, his sheer joy of being out around other newspaper people.” (
* Nikki Finke complains about Variety soliciting Roger Ebert tribute ads. (
* Wisconsin man sues Fox News over report about him running marathons while collecting disability. (
* New York Observer lays off 11 business-side employees. (
* Michael Wolff tells Columbia j-students: “The most important skill in the journalism business is figuring out how to fire journalists.” (
* Obama administration’s relationship with the press has been rocky from the start, says AJR’s editor. (
* NBC’s Chuck Todd finds out that an unpaid red-light ticket affects his credit report. (
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