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* NYT Book Review editor Pamela Paul: “I’ve kept a journal of the books I’ve read since high school. That’s my diary.” (
* The Taylor family considers making an offer to buy the Boston Globe back. (
weiner* Ex-NPR correspondent Eric Weiner to Anthony Weiner: For the sake of Weiners everywhere, don’t run for mayor! ( | About the Times Magazine’s Weiner story: (
* Foster’s Daily Democrat re-creates a local tragedy with tweets. (
* Iowa newspaper editor is arrested for disorderly conduct at a city council meeting. (“Junk in residents’ yards was being discussed at the time.”) (
* Is “the most important website in Mexico” stealing others’ work? (
* Virginia Heffernan knows that commenters will always call her an idiot. (
* Readers are finding long-form journalism in unexpected outlets. (
* Conservatives complain that the liberal media are ignoring a story that’s been pretty much ignored by conservative media. ( | (
* Conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group moves into one of the most liberal markets in the country. (
* A member of the Scripps media family is convicted of stealing $3.6 million to finance his playboy lifestyle. (

* Excuse me for shaking my tin cup in your face *

Last two lines of a letter-to-the-editor:

“When will we wage a bloodless, low-cost war on the killer meat-based diet, potentially responsible for as many as 1.3 million American deaths annually?

“In the meantime, we have the power to raise our own life expectancy by adopting a meat-free diet. An Internet search provides ample resources.”

An Internet search also shows that this letter to the editor has been published in several newspapers in recent days under different signatures.

— The Weatherford Democrat said it was submitted by Wesley Yellott.
— It was signed by Bill Canterbury in the Baltimore Sun.
— The Mobile Press-Register said it was submitted by Brad Raynaud.

It’s also been published by (signed by Albert Archer); The Norwalk Hour (Paul Townsend); Bloomington Pantagraph (Braden Pellmett); Kitsap Sun (Burt Shammer) and other papers.

UPDATE: Newspapers continue to run the letter. It appears in the Saturday editions of the North Virginia Daily and Stamford Advocate.

— Washington Post, Oct. 22, 1970

“Jonathan Winters doesn’t find this headline placement funny,” writes the reader who sent this screenshot. (Update: It’s been changed.)

Kansas City Star publisher Mark Zieman is named McClatchy operations veep
“With his move to the Sacramento metropolitan area from Kansas Cityuhaul to take the position of Vice President, Operations, the Company provided Mr. Zieman with relocation benefits. For 2012, these benefits included shipping household goods, temporary housing and assistance with the sale of his prior home. These benefits totaled $164,643.” — from McClatchy’s SEC filing

McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt resigns to become Associated Press president
paintings“Upon his retirement from the Company after nearly 28 years of service, 16 of those years as CEO, Mr. Pruitt was presented with two paintings that had hung in his office. These were valued at approximately $25,000, and after being grossed up for taxes the value of the total gift was $35,848.” — also from the SEC filing

Patrick Talamantes, who replaced Pruitt as McClatchy CEO, made $1.6 million in 2012 and gets a 10% raise in 2013, bringing his base salary from $750,000 to $825,000. In 2012, he got a $270,000 bonus because “under Mr. Talamantes’ leadership, the Company continued to make significant progress in meeting the challenges faced by newspaper companies,” says the filing.

* Ex-McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt made $3.6 million in 2012 (
* January 2013: McClatchy paper tells employees to take a week of unpaid furlough (

Yesterday we had a documentary film group looking for journalists to write for free. Today we have a private equity firm trying to get writers to submit blog posts for no pay.
James Prado Roberts, a senior writer for Hedge Fund Alert, was asked by MTN Capital Partners co-founder Dan Negrea to write for his firm’s LinkedIn group — just for “fun,” not money.

Roberts tells Romenesko readers: “Negrea’s shop, MTN Capital Partners, will spend up to $30 million of equity to buy a company and says it ‘has access to over $500 million.’ Do you think he’s also telling his auditor, lawyer, administrator, etc. that it’s fun to work for free?”

The email:

From: Dan Negrea
Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2013 3:07 PM
To: James W. Prado Roberts
Subject: RE: Call


Here is what I wanted to talk to you about:

My firm, MTN Capital, has a LinkedIn “Group” to which we are inviting only CEOs. We started a couple of months ago and we have 190 members. We are inviting members daily.

The main purpose of the group is to have a network of CEOs to identify industry experts (a key tenet of our business philosophy) to help us with due diligence before the acquisition and serve on the board after the acquisition. We also hope to see deals from them.

We want to make the group interesting and are looking for content. I wrote something and we recruited a couple of students to also write. We are also adding articles written by others. All this is very amateurish.

We cannot pay anything for the foreseeable future. I thought I’d ask you if you would have fun doing some work for this blog (essentially, that’s what it is).

Dan Negrea
Managing Partner
MTN Capital Partners LLC
489 Fifth Avenue, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10017

I called Negrea this morning and asked why he wasn’t paying writers. “We’re not flush with cash” compared to other firms, he said. “We are looking for young people who enjoy writing – young people who are looking to build a resume. I’m not interested in hiring someone; I’m looking for someone who wants a platform.”

Nitasha Tiku, editor of New York Observer’s BetaBeat tech section, is John Cook’s first hire as Gawker Media editor. (He was promoted in January.) Tiku joined the Observer in June 2011, after working at New York and Inc. magazines.

From: John Cook
Subject: Nitasha Tiku
Date: April 12, 2013 12:20:34 PM EDT
To: [Gawker staffers]

Good afternoon everyone.tiku This has been a long time coming, but I’m very happy to announce that Nitasha Tiku will be joining Gawker as a senior writer, starting on April 22. Nitasha is hopping over from the New York Observer, where she heads up the Beta Beat team and has been an astringent and incisive reporter on the New York and Silicon Valley tech scenes. Prior to that she was at New York Magazine’s Daily Intel, and before that at Inc. Magazine.

She brings deep knowledge and extensive sources on the tech beat, and so will certainly be helping us deflate egos and mock stupidity and expose fraud in that arena. But she is a prodigiously talented reporter and merciless intellect, and will take on all manner of stories, long and fast, for us. She’ll be an assassin. I believe many of you know her already, but please welcome her and show her the ways of Gawker.


NPR News chief Margaret Low Smith sent her colleagues this email about the network’s move from 635 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. in Washington, DC, to 1111 North Capitol St. N.E.

From: Margaret Low Smith
Date: April 11, 2013 8:26:33 PM EDT
To: News-All Staff
Subject: The big move…

Dear All,

Tomorrow afternoon All Things Considered will broadcast for the very last time from 635 Massachusetts Avenue and Saturday morning, Weekend Edition Saturday will debut from our brand new home at 1111 North Capitol Street. Many of our colleagues are already settled in there. The News Division began its exodus in earnest this week, with the weekend shows taking the lead.

- Photo taken at NPR's old building.

– Photo taken at NPR’s old building.

This move is a big deal – and it has clearly entered our collective subconscious. Even our far flung colleagues around the world and across the country are feeling it. That was apparent the other day when Howard Berkes in Salt Lake City sent this note to [NPR president] Gary [Knell].

“I had a weird dream last night – you were marching up North Capital in a beard and biblical robes, leading your people to the new building and parting traffic with waving arms the whole way. I think I’ve seen one too many emails about the move.”

Gary said that was perhaps the best email he’s gotten since he became CEO./CONTINUES Read More

(Photo: Nelson Kepley)

(Photo: Nelson Kepley)

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