Nitasha Tiku leaves New York Observer for Gawker

Nitasha Tiku, editor of New York Observer’s BetaBeat tech section, is John Cook’s first hire as Gawker Media editor. (He was promoted in January.) Tiku joined the Observer in June 2011, after working at New York and Inc. magazines.

From: John Cook
Subject: Nitasha Tiku
Date: April 12, 2013 12:20:34 PM EDT
To: [Gawker staffers]

Good afternoon everyone.tiku This has been a long time coming, but I’m very happy to announce that Nitasha Tiku will be joining Gawker as a senior writer, starting on April 22. Nitasha is hopping over from the New York Observer, where she heads up the Beta Beat team and has been an astringent and incisive reporter on the New York and Silicon Valley tech scenes. Prior to that she was at New York Magazine’s Daily Intel, and before that at Inc. Magazine.

She brings deep knowledge and extensive sources on the tech beat, and so will certainly be helping us deflate egos and mock stupidity and expose fraud in that arena. But she is a prodigiously talented reporter and merciless intellect, and will take on all manner of stories, long and fast, for us. She’ll be an assassin. I believe many of you know her already, but please welcome her and show her the ways of Gawker.