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* Give it arrest: The Chart (
* CNN had three credible sources, says spokesperson (
* CNN: We adjusted our reporting as new information surfaced (
* Relive it (CNN’s 90 minutes of awesome) (

The post below was pulled after Free Press readers complained on social media:
* Thanks for taking down your how-to-build-a-bomb instructions (
* Read what my Facebook friends and subscribers say about this (

* Boston bombings photos spark debate about when images are too gruesome to publish. (
* Online users play a game of “Where’s Waldo?” as they examine bombing photos. (
* New York Times is looking into a cheaper (they call it “entry-level”) subscription product. (
modern* Modern Farmer magazine tries to “balance the romantic notions of urbanites with the hard realities faced by working farmers.” (
* Boston Globe editor says his paper’s bombing coverage shows why “metro papers matter.” (
* New York Daily News staffers say the order to alter a gory Boston bombing photo came from the top. (
* “I see the death of irrelevant media,” says Barry Diller. He claims AOL’s Patch is doomed and the concept “doesn’t make any sense.” (
* NYT’s David Carr: “Here at the Times we were sitting on the biggest and richest data base about food in New York and New York magazine beat us to the punch in terms of organizing the information.” (
* Medium acquires long-form journalism site Matter. (
* Patton Oswalt, whose response to the Boston bombings went viral, is hosting the May 21 Webby Awards. (
* Former Chicago Reader editor Alison True now runs (
* InsideClimate News may be the leanest start-up ever to win a Pulitzer. ( | (
* How college newspapers played the Boston bombings on their front pages. (
* Peggy Northrop is named editor-in-chief of Time Inc.’s Sunset magazine. (
* Longtime NBC News health reporter Robert Bazell returns to academia. (
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