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Reuters’ 30-paragraph obituary by Todd Eastham points out that “while Soros’ life has been marked by remarkable success in his far-flung endeavors, it has not been without defeat.”



For example, his investment in France’s Societe Generale led to charges of insider trading and eventual conviction, notes Eastham, “and he was a minority partner in a group that failed to acquire the Washington Nationals Major League baseball team.”

But these failings stand out in the life of this remarkably successful Hungarian-American financier, philanthropist and thinker, in contrast to his stubborn refusal to fail in virtually every other venture.

* George Soros, enigmatic financier, liberal philanthropist dies at XX (

TV Tattle has folded after 13 years. Founder Norman Weiss posted a three-sentence farewell this morning: “TV Tattle is calling it quits. This is the end of the line. Thanks for reading.”

TV writers are sorry to see the site go: “Was always a good collection of TV writing, even if Twitter made it less essential,” tweets Alan Sepinwall. “Who else is gonna comb hundreds of TV Blogs and distill it down for me?” asks Martin Gero. “I checked at least once a day for a decade or more. I’ll miss it a lot!” writes Mo Ryan.

UPDATE: Weiss sends this explanation to Romenesko readers:

When I was an editor at the Daily Cal at UC Berkeley in 1999, I was obsessed with media news.

I wrote a few media news stories myself.

Around that time, a friend turned me on to Jim Romenesko’s Media News, which I became obsessed with.

I also loved reading articles about TV. So in March 2000, I started a site inspired by your site.

Anyways, what happened today?

Your post from a few weeks ago describes it:

Banner ad revenue has dwindled so much that it no longer pays the bills.

Also, AdBrite, my main revenue source, shut down in January.

I want to continue doing TV Tattle. I’d love to continue doing it.

But I’ve exhausted all options when it comes to advertising and so I’ve had no choice but to pull the plug.

Norman Weiss / TV Tattle

I asked if he had another job to pay the bills.

“TV Tattle is fulltime all-consuming work,” he said. “I work on it morning, evening, night. Even weekends.”

Kickstarter has been mentioned on Twitter as a way to save the site, but Weiss says: “As for a Kickstarter, you mentioned [in an Ad Age story] something about not wanting to shake the [donation] can. I’ve tried asking (begging) for donations in the past, and it didn’t result in much money. I’m also not that type of person. And besides, what happens when the Kickstarter money runs out?”

* TV Tattle comes to an end (

Public radio “Sound Opinions” co-host and former Chicago Sun-Times rock critic Jim DeRogatis goes after DNAInfo Chicago — staffed with many former Sun-Times journalists — for their handling of a story that he covered earlier.

DNAInfo Chicago responded: “We wrote the story based on court documents, which ARE able to be viewed by other media outlets. See ya at the hearing!”

The testy exchange continued. In one tweet, DeRogatis told his rival: “Happy to come by your HQ and do a seminar on reporting any time, pal. And it’s Jim not Jimmy.” || More tweets from DeRogatis, and DNAInfo Chicago’s replies.

* DeRogatis: City wants Congress Theater shut down immediately (
* Congress Theater should be shut down immediately, court filing says (

duelA Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune reader writes in a letter-to-the-editor: “I will duel with (Senator Kurt Schaefer) until his or my death, with weapons of his choosing, at a place and time as he identifies.”

A reader tweets: “Disappointed in the @columbiatribune for choosing to publish a death threat of @KurtUSchaefer. Very poor decision.”

The managing editor responds: “I thought it was a lively piece of rhetoric. If you read it…in context, I think you’d have to work hard to make that a death threat.”

I agree with the newsman.

* Did Columbia Daily Tribune print a threat to a state senator? (
* Letter: “I will duel with (the senator) until his or my death” (

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis wasn’t the only newspaper to run a Macy’s pressure cooker ad next to a Boston pressure cooker bombing story. Posted this morning on Cape Cod Times’ website:

* To Cape Cod Times readers: An apology (
* Earlier: Unfortunate ad placement of the day (


smallpost1* New York Post’s ‘person of interest’ is a high school track runner (
* Boston bombing witch hunt bags another innocent kid ( | (
* “This is what you call a witch hunt media, for god sake” (
* NY Post: Authorities circulate photos of two men carrying bags (

A Boston bombings story is next to a pressure cooker ad in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune:

— Image by @chris_steller

* “Macy’s pressure cooker ad designed weeks ago, but…” (dbrauer)

— h/t Jon Coifman

* WaPo’s Hank Stuever says “All the President’s Men Revisited,” which airs on Sunday on Discovery, “is no Watergate for Dummies.” The TV critic was “thoroughly absorbed” by the documentary. (
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* Social media sites try their hardest to keep you from logging off for good. (
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